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Riva- Co-Founder

One of the original founders of Revenant. He is awful at WOW, can't win a single match in Heroes of the Storm, and doesn't understand anything happening in Elite Dangerous. But somehow has kept Revenant a float. Riva is half of the famous duo bringing Revenant Gaming to greatness. I'm the CAPTAIN NOW!

Rexigar - Co-Founder

One of the original founders of Revenant. I have always had a passion for gaming. I particularly love the detailed layers of storytelling they can provide. I try to experience as many games as possible, however the game I've spent the most time in would have to be World of Warcraft. There's not a gaming genre I won't try out. I along with Riva, bring a very strong passion of gaming to Revenant and want to meet others who have similar passions.

Senior Staff

Sipowicz - Vice President

Do you even Ark? The man with over 3000 hours in Ark, the original Rogue Assassin from the NE. Sipowicz is the man with the plan. Most of you know him from our many servers, but Sip has been stuck with us for over 5 years!!!

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Community Manager - Recruiting

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